Online alcohol, drug, chemical or substance abuse assessments and evaluations, court ordered, attorney ordered or attorney pretrial alcohol and drug assessment evaluation for work, union or employment purposes.

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  • ✓ Pre-Trial Evaluations
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Jere F. Parker, M.A., L.C.A.C., L.C.S.W., C.Ht.
Completing Evaluations
for over 35 Years

D.O.T. Alcohol-Drug Assessment

Certified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) alcohol/drug evaluations as required by the Department of Transportation for assessments.

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Court-Attorney Pretrial Alcohol-Drug Assessment

For DUI - DWI - OWI / Drug Offenses, the court may order or your attorney could require a drug and alcohol evaluation or an assessment.

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IMPACT/DISA/CCS/Union Alcohol-Drug Assessment

Required or pre-employment alcohol or drug evaluation for failed alcohol/drug test or a worker presenting a potential hazard to self and/or others.

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The Truckers Friend

This book covers multiple topics that truckers should have knowledge of besides unlocking the confusion of the Clearing House. It delves into drug testing in the work place, the effects of marijuana on driving, CBD products, synthetic marijuana and much more.

This book is something special.

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