IMPACT/DISA/CCS/Union Alcohol-Drug Assessment




The IMPACT/DISA/CCS/UNION/NON-UNION designations are used by many companies and government card carrying employees and workers identifying these individuals as having alcohol and drug-free status and allowing work on qualified (termed "safe sites") locations.

For instance, in Indianapolis some "safe sites" are maintained by companies such as Eli Lilly, DuPont, Roche, Lucas Oil Football Stadium and include public office buildings, schools, churches, government buildings, hospitals and more that may also require this alcohol and drug-free employment/worker requirement.

Qualified alcohol and drug-free status employees/workers are subject to Alcohol/Drug Testing.

If an employee/worker tests positive for alcohol or drugs or has a refusal or has submitted an adulterated urine specimen, the employee/worker must complete an alcohol-drug evaluation by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

The SAP uses subjective (video interviews) and objective instruments (questionnaires) to perform a qualified alcohol/drug evaluation.

The DISA/CCS/Union Alcohol-Drug Evaluation Package (for telephone or Internet online video evaluation/assessment or Face-to-Face alcohol/drug evaluation/assessment purposes) is used in our SAP alcohol-drug evaluations and SAP alcohol-drug assessments.

Mr. Jere Parker, M.A., L.C.S.W., L.C.A.C, C.Ht. has provided alcohol-drug evaluations and alcohol-drug assessments since 1985 and provided alcohol-drug treatment and education since 1989. He is a SAP Professional Counselor and is a qualified in all SAP Alcohol/Drug Evaluation or SAP Alcohol/Drug Assessment protocols.

The SAP Alcohol/Drug Evaluation or SAP Alcohol/Drug Assessment requires information received from various sources to make a diagnosis determination ranging from; having no substance abuse disorder to having a substance use disorder. The SAP Alcohol/Drug Evaluation or SAP Alcohol/Drug Assessment also measures the degree of an individual's alcohol and/or drug issues to make a determination as being a; mild, moderate or severe issue.

This alcohol and drug evaluation or alcohol and drug assessment process also utilizes third-party evaluation/assessment questionnaires; the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory or SASSI Inventory. This measurement tool provides for the legal standards supports and is accepted by the courts (because of its approximately 95% accuracy) in determining the severity of a person’s alcohol and/or drug problem.

Two other third-party questionnaires, the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Tool or MAST and the Drug Abuse Screening Tool or DAST are used in support of this DISA/CCS/Union Alcohol-Drug Evaluation or DISA/CCS/Union Alcohol-Drug Assessment process.

Also, this evaluation/assessment methodology uses the Diagnostic Statistical Manual V (DSM-V), considered the bible in the helping professions. Referenced and invaluable, it is used to uncover known alcohol/drug disorders and the possibility of other issues of concern such as depression which may or may not be connected to one's alcohol and/or drug use.

After the alcohol/drug evaluation is completed the employee/worker will be required to enroll in and complete substance abuse education and or alcohol-drug treatment. The assessments or evaluations requirements differ if the individual is union member or non-union. Also, there are requirement differences between different unions.

When providing alcohol/drug evaluation or alcohol/drug assessment services for a non-union member, the following rules apply; alcohol/drug re-testing is subject to at least a waiting period of 14 days. Re-testing using a breathalyzer or drug urine screen can be completed the fourteenth day from the date of the original alcohol or drug screen.

Various unions have different re-testing wait period rules. For instance, Ironworkers must wait 30 days before re-testing for alcohol and/or drugs. ICI (Indiana Constructors, Inc.) has no re-testing wait period before a return-to-duty urine drug screen or alcohol breathalyzer is completed.

All card holding members, DISA/Union, ICI, Non-Union employees/workers are required to have random follow-up urine drug screens and possibly breathalyzers re-testing which will occur within the first 12 months after returning to work. Non-union members are required to have 3 follow-up urine drug screens and Union members are required a minimum of 4 follow-up urine drug screens.

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