The Truckers Friend



After providing alcohol/drug assessments since 2003 I’ve put together a book on the most frequent issues addressed by individuals under the DOT regulations.

“It definitely helped with simplifying the clearing house.” John D.

“The information about CBD gummies alone was well worth the cost.” It would have saved me from having a DOT violation.” Devon A.

“I really didn’t have any knowledge about the effects of Marijuana on driving.” Tonya M.

“I purchased this on the advice of a friend, it opened my eyes to questions I’ve had over the years. It also had simple methods to reduce my stress level because this career is extremely stressful.” Matt C.


Did you know that CBD products can state 0 % THC but still have up to .03 THC in the product?

Help methods are available to register on the clearinghouse.

There are studies showing the negative effects on driving with THC in your system.

Simple stress relieving excessing can be achieved while driving?

This book covers multiple topics that truckers should have knowledge of besides unlocking the confusion of the Clearing house. It delves into drug testing in the work place, the effects of marijuana on driving, CBD products, synthetic marijuana and much more.