Telephone, Online Video Alcohol and Drug Evaluations and Assessments

For alcohol, drug, chemical or substance abuse assessments and evaluations, court ordered, attorney ordered or attorney pretrial alcohol and drug assessment /evaluation, union or work related purposes;

Advantages & Solutions, provides telephone, Internet online video and face-to-face alcohol and drug assessments and evaluations and offers these assessment and evaluation processes as a convenient and confidential method of assessing your alcohol and drug use.

Although many people seek evaluations following alcohol and drug driving offenses or failing work related alcohol and drug testing, Advantages & Solutions provides:

Alcohol and Drug Evaluations and Assessments for Multiple Purposes:

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Jere F. Parker, M.A., L.C.A.C., L.C.S.W., C.Ht.
Completing Evaluations
for over 33 Years
  • DUI, DWI, OVI, OWI, OVWI, OWPD, Drunk Driving
  • Alcohol/Drug Offenses
  • Attorney Referrals
  • Pre-Trial Evaluations
  • Required Employer, Company Required Assessments
  • Employee Assistance Referrals
  • Self-Referrals
  • Interventions

Court-Attorney Pretrial Alcohol-Drug Assessment

For DUI / Drug Offenses, the court may order a drug and alcohol evaluation and your attorney could request an assessment.

General Alcohol-Drug Evaluation

Evaluation to determine the extent of a person's misuse, abuse or addiction to alcohol or drugs and for Child Services (DCS) or for various other reasons.

IMPACT/DISA/CCS/Union Alcohol-Drug Evaluation

Required or pre-employment alcohol or drug evaluation for failed alcohol/drug test or a worker presenting a potential hazard to self and/or co-workers.

D.O.T. Alcohol-Drug Evaluation

Required Department of Transportation (DOT) alcohol/drug evaluation for needs assessing, education, treatment, follow-up and aftercare recommendations.

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Telephone and Video Evaluation / Assessment
How it Works

Alcohol and Drug Evaluations / Assessments using the Telephone or Internet Online Video Conference

Telephone or Internet Online Video Alcohol-Drug Evaluations / Assessments are accepted in most states for Court ordered or Attorney Ordered or Attorney Pre-Trial Assessments, General Alcohol-Drug Evaluations and DISA/CCS/Union Employer Alcohol-Drug Evaluations.

Simply choose and purchase (these Alcohol and Drug Evaluations / Assessments are available for online purchase) the appropriate Alcohol and Drug Evaluation / Assessment and download, complete and mail or fax the Alcohol and Drug Evaluation / Assessment package. We will call to schedule and to complete the Telephone or Video Alcohol and Drug Evaluation / Assessment process.

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Face-to-Face Evaluation / Assessment
How it Works

Face-to-Face Counselor Meeting for Alcohol and Drug Evaluations / Assessments

Face-to-Face Alcohol and Drug Evaluations / Assessments are accepted in all states for Court or Attorney Ordered or Attorney Pretrial Assessments, General Alcohol-Drug Evaluations, DISA/CCS/Union Alcohol-Drug Evaluations and are required for all Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) Alcohol-Drug Evaluations.

Face-to-Face (no online pre-payment purchase, you will complete the Evaluation / Assessment package and questionnaire in-office) Alcohol and Drug Evaluation / Assessment by calling (Direct: 317-447-1710 or Toll Free: 833-590-8686) to schedule your Face-to-Face Evaluation / Assessment and are available for those near our office location at 3250 Manning Road, Indianapolis, Indiana.


All that's needed to complete your Telephone or Online Video Evaluation / Assessment is access to the Internet, a phone, tablet or computer camera and the completed package forms. Online purchase is available for all Telephone and Internet Online Video Alcohol Drug Evaluations / Assessments.

  • Completely Confidential: No counselor's office or treatment center environments.
  • Simple: Completed from the comfort of home, office or your attorney's office.
  • Privacy: Payment online and Online Video Evaluation / Assessment using an encrypted SSL protected Internet connection.
  • Entirely Objective: No affiliations with treatment centers, healthcare or hospital organizations.
  • Easy and Fast - Less than 1 Hour: The Telephone or Video Evaluation / Assessment takes approximately 1 hour for anyone that has access to a telephone or computer.
  • No Influence: Anyone can have a bias-free Evaluation / Assessment using a Telephone or online Video using a computer.
  • Prompt: No waiting for weeks to be evaluated.
  • Convenient: No fighting traffic, distance or time traveling to and from an office setting.