ATTORNEY Testimonials

Jere has helped a number of my clients negotiate their substance issues during difficult times of crisis. He has provided concrete plans that were easy for them to follow through with and helped them reach their goals of sobriety, while simultaneously satisfying court requirements. This may have resulted in possibly more succinct agreements with the prosecution-- because they were able to demonstrate they were (finally in some cases) serious about addressing long time issues head-on for the safety of themselves, their loved ones and the public. I would recommend his services and often do to many clients. ~ Linsey C., JD /MBA/Judge Pro Tempore

Jere has always been prompt with his assessments and All the clients I’ve talked have mentioned any apprehension and or fears they may have experienced were removed, I’ve been told, because he establishes rapport and trust, with the client, quickly. ~ James V., JD

Mr. Parker’s evaluations have been completed in a timely fashion and were professional, well written and accurate. I’ve just started using his services a few months ago and will continue to do so in the future. ~ Mark N., JD

I’ve been using Jere’s services for several years and have nothing but respect for his professionalism, timeliness and his quick responses to any issue we may need to discuss. His alcohol/drug assessments are thorough have made my job easier. ~ Brian C., JD

Another attorney referred me to Mr. Parker, about a year ago. I’ve been very satisfied with his services and his treatment with the clients I refer. ~ Anna P., JD

CLIENT Testimonials

My attorney referred me to Mr. Parker for an alcohol/drug evaluation. I assumed, even though I had never been evaluated before, that I would get a zealot who believes everyone who drinks is an alcoholic. I was surprised by his non-judgmental attitude and laid-back demeanor before, during and after I was interviewed. ~ Shelby W.

I don’t know if I can say I liked being evaluated by an alcohol-drug counselor but while talking to Mr. Parker I felt very much at ease. ~ Joshua J.

Thank you, Jere, I appreciate the support, guidance, and insight. I'll let you know how things net out...hopefully well. Fingers are crossed. ~ Steve M.

I know that my assessment was on a professional level, but I want to thank you for not judging me, not being arrogant or making me feel that I was just another number. ~ Keshia R.

Thanks, Jere, for your suggestions. I knew I had a problem with marijuana before coming to you, but you not only assessed my situation but gave me some suggestions on what I might be able to do to help myself. I feel it was time well spent. ~ Drew S.

I told my attorney I had seen you before and if he was going to have me get an assessment I wanted to come to you. Thanks. ~ Travis T.

Hey, Mr. Parker, I just want to thank you for being fair. ~ James O.

COMPANY Testimonials

My excavating firm, cargo express, uses Mr. Parker’s services if one of our employees happens to fail a drug screen. He is cordial, efficient, thoroughly explains the process we need to go through and his fees are reasonable.

Mr. Parker has been able to see our employee(s) within 24 hours if we have problem. He contacts us almost immediately after he completes his assessment and gives us a heads-up of what going to happen to our referral.

As a commercial window cleaning company, we can’t afford for one of our employees to be on alcohol or drugs. Their actions could just cost them their life but the life of a co-worker or workers. We’ve used Mr. Parker’s company for approximately eight years and have never had any problems arise because of his evaluations.

I’m more than happy to give a shout out for Jere’s services. Professional, timely, great availability.