Can Your Evaluations be Used for Both Adults and Adolescents?
At the present, Advantages & Solutions only provides substance abuse assessments for the adult population, eighteen years old and older.
What are the benefits of an online assessment?
  • It’s convenient. You can do it at your own pace or leisure.
  • It provides privacy and eliminates possible fear. Many times, you can be more upfront and open with your answers because no one is sitting across from you that, you feel or believe, may be judging you.
  • You won’t need to travel. Sometimes you are not allowed to drive and need to make travel arrangements for someone to bring you to the Evaluator's office, or use and pay for the services of a Taxi, Uber or Lyft. You will not have to wait for weeks to be complete your evaluation.assessment or make an appointment.
  • Depending on your location, you may be miles from the Evaluation Center. Thus, it will not only save on gas but the frustration of traffic and time schedules.
  • It eliminates having to tell various aspects or facets of your life to a stranger face-to-face, thereby eliminating the formality of the event and making it a much more a relaxing experience.
What does an evaluation cost?
The cost of an evaluation varies depending on type. A typical legal evaluation is $160.00. You can pay with your credit or debit card. These cards include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you prefer, you may also pay with a money order.
Will my insurance pay for my evaluation?
Most insurances will not cover or reimburse you for court-ordered assessments. There are a couple that may, just may cover the cost. Unfortunately, we are not contracted as an in-network provider and do not handle insurance claims.

Please, contact your insurance company to see if they will pay or reimburse you for an evaluation before proceeding. It’s possible your deductible is more than the cost of the evaluation.

Can I use my Evaluation for the Department of Transportation (DOT)?
No. All SAP DOT Evaluations consist of an Initial and a Follow-Up Evaluation, each of which, must be face-to-face. These include The Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Highway Administration, The Federal Railroad Administration, Research and Special programs PSMHA (e.g. pipeline, hazardous materials, etc.), United States Coast Guard. Also, some fields in the medical professions require face-to-face assessments.
How do I know if the assessment I do with your agency is accepted by the courts?
All but the states listed below accept these assessments. However, as you know things change, please check with your state before registering.
  • New York and Illinois will not accept online evaluations for any reason.
  • Florida and Iowa require permission from the courts or authority for them to accept the assessment.
  • In Indiana, as with the majority of States, the courts will accept online alcohol/drug evaluations for DUI’s and other alcohol/drug-related offenses (e.g., possession, public intoxication, etc.)

Also, see my licenses and credentials on the "OUR HISTORY" page contained in this website.

Are these assessments/evaluations accepted by my state's Bureau of Motor Vehicles?
Very few States' Motor Vehicle Departments, including Indiana accept online substance abuse assessments. Please check with your state before proceeding with the assessment.
What Information will be asked of me during an assessment? How does an evaluation work?
Briefly, for Telephone or online Video Evaluations / Assessments and once you complete your purchase, you’ll download a Package questionnaire that inquiries about your alcohol drug history, psychological history, leisure activities, educational, occupational history, physical health, financial issues, etc. From the Package material you provide, you’ll be asked via phone or online video consult as to your alcohol and/or drugs have impacted various facets or areas of your life. Alcohol/drugs may or may not have affected school, work, finances, relationships, marriage, legally, mental and or emotional health, etc. There will also be some objective measuring instruments (questionnaires) you will complete and send back.

For Face-to-Face Evaluations / Assessments, please call (317) 590-4498.
I see that you ask to talk about my alcohol/drug use, if any, to someone who knows me well.
Yes, we’ll ask you to provide the names, addresses and phone numbers of one or two people who can answers questions about your use of alcohol and or drugs. You’ll sign a release in advance giving us written permission to talk to these individuals. This is very important in an online and phone evaluation. We almost never really see ourselves as others see us. In addition, Mr. Parker is unable to read your body language over the phone, so collaborators are an essential aspect of the evaluation. Your assessment cannot be completed without collaboration from other people.
How will I know if my information is confidential and not be made public?
The results of your assessment/evaluation with diagnosis and recommendations will be sent directly to you. It will only be sent to another party if you sign a “Consent to Release Information” and request that it be forwarded on to a third party. We are under the HIPPA Rules & Regulations and The Federal Regulations (42 CFR, Part 2) which deal specifically with confidentiality. All records are email transmitted over the Internet using SSL encryption. All alcohol/drug online Video Evaluations / Assessments are SSL encrypted. SASSI evaluations are also completed using SSL encryption.
If it is recommended I attend educational and or treatment classes will the agencies in my area accept your evaluations and recommendations?
All treatment centers and/or treatment facilities in every city and state have their own policies and procedures. You’ll have to follow their protocol. Many of the facilities in and around Indianapolis, Marion, and surrounding counties will accept my recommendations. However, all treatment centers and/or treatment facilities in every city and state have their own policies and procedures. You’ll have to follow their protocol. Contact your union business agent, attorney, probation department or possible friends or acquaintances you may know that have had to do treatment or education and get their feedback. Most agencies are fair and above board, however as they say, "... there’s always that 10%."
How do I set-up an alcohol-drug assessment and what happens?
The easiest way is to purchase our online Evaluation / Assessment. You can register, pay your fee and begin downloading your material today. Or email message Click this Link to email message now or email us at or can call (317) 590-4498 to make an appointment Face-to-Face time or to discuss, clarify and answer any questions you may have.
Can you supply names or references I can check?
All licenses, certifications and contact information are available at "OUR HISTORY" site page.

Jere Parker Qualifications:
M.A.Master of Arts Degree, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana
L.C.S.W. Licensed Clinical Social Worker #3400-2520A
L.C.A.C. Licensed Clinical Additions Counselor #87000092A
SAP Substance Abuse Professional #60096
CADAC IV Certified Addictions and Drug Abuse Consultant, C IV-1623
NCAC II Nationally Certified Addictions Counselor # 012681
ICAADC Internationally Certified Alcohol Abuse and Drug Counselor
Certified Arbitration and Mediation Counselor
Is there a Money Back Guarantee?
Unfortunately, I can’t refund money for services rendered. I stress that almost all States accept alcohol/drug assessment for court purposes with New York and Illinois being exceptions. Also, to reiterate almost all Motor Vehicle will not accept online assessments or evaluations. This is why I cannot stress enough to Please check with your State before filling out our registration.
Will you send the assessment report directly to me when it is completed?
Your results will be available to you once you have completed the Package forms and the Telephone, online Video or Face-to-Face Evaluation / Assessment.


Simple and Convenient
In most cases, being DOT/SAP substance abuse assessments, the entire process can be completed from the comfort of your home, office or from your attorney's office.

No parking in front of a treatment center or sitting in the waiting room of a counselor's office, where it may feel as if your named is being flashed to the world.

The entire evaluation, as well as payment of fees are conducted over SSL security encrypted internet lines.

No Affiliations
We not affiliated with any chain of treatment centers, health care corporations or hospitals.

Fast and Accessible
The telephone or video interview lasts less than an hour, no waiting lists for appointments. Services are accessible by anyone able to use or access a telephone or computer.

No Influence
It’s less influenced by personal attributes: any person, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, disability, national ancestry, sexual orientation or economic condition can obtain a bias-free evaluation over the Internet or telephone.

Time, money, stress, anxiety, frustration.

Court-Attorney Pretrial Alcohol-Drug Assessment

For DUI / Drug Offenses, the court may order a drug and alcohol evaluation and your attorney could request an assessment.

General Alcohol-Drug Evaluation

Evaluation to determine the extent of a person's misuse, abuse or addiction to alcohol or drugs and for Child Services (DCS) or for various other reasons.

IMPACT/DISA/CCS/Union Alcohol-Drug Evaluation

Required or pre-employment alcohol or drug evaluation for failed alcohol/drug test or a worker presenting a potential hazard to self and/or co-workers.

D.O.T. Alcohol-Drug Evaluation

Required Department of Transportation (DOT) alcohol/drug evaluation for needs assessing, education, treatment, follow-up and aftercare recommendations.