Testing Urine Drug Screens (UDS)

A helpful hint when talking about “weed”, “herb”, Marijuana and THC. The 30-day rule about THC leaving out of your system and you being safe to take a urine drug screen isn’t a perfect rule it’s not even a good rule of thumb to go by when trying to determine when the THC will be eliminated from your system. Today’s Marijuana is approximately three (3) times the strength of the marijuana in the past. The retention time of THC in one’s system is dependent on the strength of the product. For instance, is what you smoked “Kush” (excellent) or junk weed.

For example, if you eat marijuana in cookies, brownies, etc., the THC will stay in your system longer than if you smoked marijuana,maybe I eat meat all day and you eat spinach and frequently urinate, eliminating more THC than I would. The strength of the “weed”, it may be referred to as“Kush” (excellent marijuana) or junk.Other variables that play a part in the elimination of THC, body fat, your metabolism,your physical activity, was it smoked or eaten, as in cookies, etc., etc..

Another thing to keep in mind is that a Lab drug screen is a lot better than relying on an instant or dipstick test you can purchase at your neighborhood drugstore. CCS, DISA, DOT tests need to be at 15ng’s of THC or less. I’ve had several people pass the instant tests and test positive in the lab. Check around for inexpensive lab screens that a doctor doesn’t sign off on, it is just for your information. We have a place in Indianapolis that gives Lab tests for $30.00. A good instant test is around $ 20.00 a ten-dollar difference that is not a monumental amount when you’re talking about a career, not a job. If there is a fear of THC in your system take a lab test that doesn’t count for anything but to obtain the level of THC in your system.

One of the ways to flush THC out of your system is to drink excess water and add pure cranberry juice periodically. (However, you’ll have to drink a quite a bit to aid in flushing out THC). Return to normal drinking 24-36 hours before going for a follow-up or return-to-duty urine drug screen so you won’t have a diluted urine drug screen.

   •You can test positive for Cannabis by taking in second-hand smoke. It is possible, but still very, very, doubtful, if you are in very small quarters and have a tremendous number of individuals smoking.

   •You can hide the presence of a drug by drinking vinegar. It’s just not true and if you drink enough vinegar you’ll most likely get sick.

   •Over the counter cough syrups can produce false positives for Methamphetamine. False. Methamphetamine will be labeled as D-methamphetamine and cough syrups will show up as L-methamphetamine on lab screen results.

   •When the labs won’t accept your screen because there’s an oily substance floating on top the urine. It’s not because you ate greasy food, most likely the urine was brought in and contained in a lubricated prophylactic.

   •Yes, you can get addicted to Marijuana. The withdrawal symptoms are much less intense than other substances because the THC in marijuana is fat soluble rather than water soluble this results in the product leaving your body over a long period of time.