General (Self-Interest, Child Services) Alcohol Drug Evaluation / Assessment

Telephone Online Video Face-to-Face Evaluation / Assessment

General Alcohol-Drug Evaluation, Personal Self-interest, Company-Interest or Department of Child Services (DCS)*.

This General Alcohol Drug Evaluation or General Alcohol Drug Assessment would identify you as possibly not having a substance abuse disorder. Or it would identify you as having a substance abuse disorder and determine the degree of the alcohol and/or drug abuse present, measuring your alcohol and/or drug use as; mild, moderate or severe in nature. It would also identify your alcohol and/or drug use as a past, recent past or a present-day condition.

Individuals having a problem with mood-altering chemicals (alcohol included) or substance abuse start by relying on alcohol and/or drugs psychologically. Without intervention, an outside (family, friends and others concerned) or an internal (self-interest) intervention, whether a formal intervention or a self-recognition intervention, the substance abuse problem may cross the line, with you becoming physically reliant. Once one crosses over to physical reliance, addiction becomes permanent.

This specially designed General Alcohol Drug evaluation or General Alcohol Drug assessment is not the same as a legal alcohol/drug evaluation or assessment. The thoroughness of this evaluation or assessment is nearly identical, but its focus is finding determination as to your alcohol and/or drug use as it personally affects you.

Your General Alcohol-Drug Evaluation Package or General Alcohol-Drug Assessment Package (available as a downloadable questionnaire for Telephone and Online Video evaluation/assessment or for Face-to-Face evaluation/assessment purposes) includes objective evaluation/assessment questionnaires that are used as measuring tools for analyzing components of your substance abuse assessment.

This alcohol and drug evaluation or alcohol and drug assessment process also uses third-party evaluation/assessment questionnaires; the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory or SASSI Inventory. This measurement tool provides for the legal standards supports and is accepted by the courts because of its approximately 95% accuracy in determining the severity of a person’s alcohol and/or drug problem.

Two other third-party questionnaires, the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Tool or MAST and the Drug Abuse Screening Tool or DAST are used as additional support tools.

Also, this evaluation/assessment methodology uses the Diagnostic Statistical Manual V (DSM-V), considered the bible in the helping professions. Referenced and invaluable, it is used to uncover known alcohol/drug disorders and the possibility of other issues of concern such as depression which may or may not be connected to one's alcohol and/or drug use.

In addition, we will contact by telephone, a few individuals (that you provide) to corroborate, clarify your information and responses to substantiate your alcohol and/or drug use. These collaborative contacts are not uncomfortable or intrusive.

Combining the General Alcohol Drug Evaluation or General Alcohol Drug Assessment and these additional support tools may also be used for Department if Child Services (DCS) purposes involving Alcohol Drug assessment or Alcohol Drug evaluation DCS hearings.

*PLEASE, PLEASE check with your Department of Child Services to see if our video online or telephone alcohol/drug evaluations are accepted.
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